1. Monthly average of active service recipients in the EU:

In accordance with the new Digital Services Regulation ("DSA") that came into force on 16 November 2022, an "active recipient of an online platform" is defined as “a recipient of the service that has engaged with an online platform by either requesting the online platform to host information or being exposed to information hosted by the online platform and disseminated through its online interface".

atHome International S.à r.l. estimates that the average monthly active recipients of the service of atHome.de in the Union is less than 45 million.

This is an estimate based on information available to atHome International S.à r.l., published in accordance with DSA guidelines. This information must not be used for any other purpose.

2. Transparency report:

In order to comply with the obligations imposed by the DSA, atHome International S.à r.l. shall make available to the public an annual transparency report on its content moderation activities, if any, that it has engaged in from 17 February 2024 to 31 January 2025. This report will be available during 2025.

3. Point of contact:

atHome International S.à r.l. has designated a single point of contact. It can be contacted via the following e-mail address: security@athome.eu

4. Mechanism for notifying content considered illicit:

In accordance with the provisions of the DSA, atHome International S.à r.l. has put in place a function enabling any individual or entity to notify atHome International S.à r.l. of the presence of one or more specific items of information that are considered to be illegal content. This functionality is accessible via the notification icon located near the ad or in the present form.

5. Out-of-court dispute settlement option:

Recipients of the service, including individuals or entities that have submitted notices, addressed by a decision of atHome International S.à r.l. made under its internal complaint-handling system, including complaints that have not been resolved by means of this internal system, shall be entitled to select any out-of-court dispute settlement body that has been certified to resolve disputes relating to those decisions. Please note that atHome International S.à r.l. is not bound by the decisions of such a body.